Full Brows – Your Secret Weapon for Perfect Definition

Full Brows – Your Secret Weapon for Perfect Definition

When you take a look back at some of our favourite fashion icons and compare them five years ago and now, you’ll be sure to notice a difference.  Yes the hair may be different or they’ve changed their style, but one thing that they’ll have in common is this – eyebrows.  Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox and Jennifer Lopez are just some of the beauty queens who have upped their eyebrow game in recent years, and it’s no surprise as to why – thicker, fuller eyebrows add definition and help to frame your face, as well as preventing the ‘surprised’ look that often accompanies thin, plucked within an inch of their live brows.  We tell you everything you need to know about perfect eyebrows below.

Less (Plucking) is More

Beware of how you pluck your eyebrows.  As you take each hair away in a bid to achieve the perfect shape, you’re likely to over-pluck, ending up with sparse, thin eyebrows which are the opposite of the look that you want to achieve. Try just plucking stray hairs, trimming longer ones with nail scissors rather than removing them to keep the volume but with a neater look.  If you have any doubts at all about shaping your brows, visit a professional, even if it is just for that initial styling.

Work With What You’ve Got – Don’t Add More

There’s nothing worse than seeing a set of clearly drawn on eyebrows.  It’s one thing to enhance what you have, but another to make something up completely.  We recommend using an eyebrow powder in a colour which matches your natural brow colour in order to thicken up your eyebrows by following the lines that are already there.  Using a small, slanted brush, you can create some great definition without the harsh look that a pencil gives.  The texture of the powder will also make your brows look thicker than they are, whilst the colour will subtle fill in any missing gaps.  Start of lightly and build up the colour to your taste.

Picking the Best Shade

Our In The Buff brow powder is available in a number of shades to help choose one which best matches your skin tone.  Whilst it may be tempting to go for a darker shade, you will get a much more effective look if you stick to your natural shade and fill in your eyebrows correctly.  If your hair is very fair and your eyebrows are too, sticking to a light mousey shade will help to keep them looking natural, but still defined.

Judging a Job Well Done

One easy way to see if you’re eyebrows have been done well or have gone too far is to take a selfie.  If you’re put off by what you see because your eyebrows appear too bold or too dark, take it off and start again.  A bit of practice will help you to get to know what’s right for you and once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll have a great technique for life.  Even when you’re not planning on wearing a full face of make-up, a bit of attention to your eyebrows can work wonders and change the look of your face.