Tips & Ideas to Relax the Mind and Body

Tips & Ideas to Relax the Mind and Body

Self-care is crucial for a healthy mind and body but with many of us leading such busy lives, it’s often the last thing on our to-do lists. But with the start of a new month and soon a new season, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a change and invest a little more time in your own well-being. Here are a few ideas on how to practice self-care and in turn, relax the mind and body.


Decide what relaxes you

Relaxation time is essential but what relaxes you may be totally different from what relaxes someone else. Think about what puts your mind and body at ease. For some, it may be a few hours in the garden, reading a book. For others it could be a gentle walk in the countryside. Maybe you need to head to a spa for a little ‘you’ time? Decide what relaxes you and make time to do it. Don’t feel guilty – everyone needs to re-charge their batteries and you’re perfectly entitled to schedule time for self-care.

Enjoy a digital detox

Many of us are guilty of spending too much time on our phones, tablets and laptops and this can sometimes have a negative impact on our minds. A great way to enjoy a little relaxation time is to do a digital detox and switch off your devices for a set period. This could be as little as a couple of hours or even an entire weekend – whatever suits you. It’s guaranteed to give you time to relax, as you won’t be immediately accessible or feel the need to constantly check your feeds.


Learn to say no

Hand in hand with not feeling guilty about taking time to relax, is learning to say no to other people. It’s okay to say no from time to time, especially if what is being asked of you does not fall in line with your priorities or goals. Finding a work / life balance is crucial to your well-being. Don’t take on more than you can handle.


Spend time with the people you love and have a laugh

Of course, relaxation doesn’t purely have to be something you do alone. Many people prefer relaxing with the people they love – their family and friends. Laughter is good for the soul and a great way to help you relax. Make time for the people who make you feel good.

Treat yourself to a massage

One of the best ways to relax both your mind and body is through massage.  Swedish massage in particular is known for relaxation and stress relief. These massages are performed with the aim of relaxing superficial muscles in the body and improving blood circulation. The massage itself, along with a relaxing environment can lower stress hormones in the body and in turn reduce the likelihood of tension headaches, whilst also improving your chances of a good night’s sleep.


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