The Autumn Lash Shed – What to expect

The Autumn Lash Shed – What to expect

Autumn Lash Shed TipsThe dreaded autumn lash shed is on its way. Wondering what on earth I’m talking about? This post reveals all…

What is the Autumn Lash Shed?

At this time of year (as well as in the spring) things tend to get a little dodgy in the lash department. Why? Because humans experience a period of increased hair shedding. It’s thought that our bodies naturally react to the change of season by shedding hair (including our lashes) a little quicker than usual. It’s suggested that this is to adjust to the new temperatures and lack of sunlight.

If you’re a new lash artist or lash client that hasn’t heard of the autumn lash shed, it’s likely you’ll have gone into a bit of a frenzy worrying that you’ve done something wrong. Don’t panic! It’s perfectly normal for your lashes not to last quite as long as normal. Consequently, there’ll also be a shorter time between infills. It should only last for a cycle or two and then you’ll be back to your normal lash schedule.

Understanding the hair growth cycle

Here’s a quick guide to the 3 stages of hair growth. Hopefully it will give you a better understanding of how and why it sheds…

1. Anagen

During the Anagen stage the hair is rooted to the follicle and receives nutrients from your blood that promote healthy growth. At this stage, your hair is actively growing. So, if you pull it out (either accidentally or intentionally) you’re likely to notice a little bleeding.

It’s worth knowing that pulling out hair during the Anagen phase can actually damage the follicle and may result in it producing little-to-no hair in the future. This is great news for areas of unwanted hair growth (perhaps your bikini line – depending on your preferences) but not so desirable for your lashes or brows!

2. Catagen

During the next stage of the cycle, known as Catagen, your hair will no longer be receiving nutrients from your blood or, in fact, growing. The follicles will begin to deteriorate.

3. Telogen

The final stage of the cycle is the resting stage, known as Telogen. This is where the hair begins to detach itself and shed. Once the hair has shed, the cycle will start again!

An interesting fact for you…

Around 10% of all the hair on your body (including your eyelashes) will be in the Telogen stage right now. It’s normal for you to lose around 100 hairs and up to 5 lashes every day.

Managing client expectations for the autumn lash shed

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop lashes falling out faster between October and December. It is just life!

If you’re a lash technician, I recommend educating your clients on the Autumn Lash Shed so you can manage their expectations. Let them know that their lashes probably won’t last as long as usual and explain why it’s best to book for infills a little sooner.

If your clients usually go 3-4 weeks between appointments, you may need to shorten this to 2-3 weeks for a couple of cycles.

Advice for lash clients

Expect for your lashes not to last as long as they usually would. Then, prepare for it to happen again in springtime.

Practice good lash aftercare. Lashes should be cleansed daily to keep them hygienic. Use my foaming lash shampoo and lash aftercare kit for best results.

I hope that’s cleared up some of your questions about the Autumn Lash Shed. If you have anything else to ask or any concerns, simply drop me a message on Facebook or email and I’ll get back to you ASAP!