How to care for your lash extensions

How to care for your lash extensions

Lash Extensions in BromleyLash extensions are a real confidence-booster – great for enhancing your eyes and allowing you to enjoy longer lashes, sans makeup! But to really get the most out of your new lashes, you need to know how to  look after them properly. Here I’ve shared my top lash care tips to help you enjoy flawless lash extensions for longer!

Lash care for first 24-48 hours

Whatever you do, don’t get them wet! I’d also suggest avoiding saunas and steam rooms for at least 48 hours. Heat and excess moisture can damage the lash adhesive.

Lash extensions – What not to do

There are a few things I’d advise that you do not do after you’ve had your lashes done…

  1. Do not use mechanical lash curlers – they’ll damage your new lashes.
  2. Avoid using waterproof makeup on your lashes – again it’ll damage them. 
  3. Don’t sleep on your lashes – Sleeping on your face can send your lashes in all sorts of directions and cause retention issues.
  4. Avoid direct heat – Take care not to singe your lashes with heat from an oven or stove.
  5. Please, please, please, don’t pick or pull your lashes. It’ll cause damage to your natural eyelashes and we don’t want that!

Keeping your natural eyelashes healthy is my top priority so I’ll do everything I can to make sure your new lash extensions are comfortable. Of course, you’re bound to get a little itch every now and then. To relieve discomfort, I recommend grabbing a clean mascara wand and using it to gently apply pressure to your lash line. It works a treat!

Lash extensions cleaning tips

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you can do to keep your lashes looking beautiful…

Wash lashes daily

Just like with your hair, you’ll need to wash your lashes to stop a build up of oil, dirt and grime.

I know I’ve told you not to get your new lashes wet but once 48 hours has passed, you are safe to wash your lashes daily. Regular washing will keep them clean and hygienic, whilst ensuring they look beautiful for longer. Be sure to clean as close to your eyelid as you can and make sure you get in between the individual lashes.

If you fail to wash your lash extensions properly, you could put yourself at risk of an eye infection – ouch! It’ll also stop lash mites (Demodex folliculitis) from feeding on the dirt and oils left in your lashes. If that doesn’t make you want to clean your lash extensions, I don’t know what will!

Fail to wash your eyelash extensions properly and there’s a very high chance I’ll have to remove them early, as oil, dirt, sweat and leftover makeup will break down the adhesive and ruin your look.

All of this is totally avoidable just by cleaning your lashes properly. I recommend using my LashSynergie Lash Foaming Shampoo – a gentle solution that can be used daily! It’s available from the salon or from my online store.

To use the lash shampoo, simply apply a small amount to your closed eyelid and use a lash brush to gently sweep the solution through the lashes, in a circular motion, from root to tip. Once thoroughly cleansed, rinse with water and voila – you’re done!

Brush lashes daily

Brushing your natural eyelash extensions is essential to achieve that flawless look. At the same time, it will also stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, bringing with it plenty of nutrients and oxygen to enhance the growth of your natural lashes.

For effective lash brushing, I recommend brushing the tops of your lashes first to line them up. You can then brush them up from underneath to give them a natural lift. Try using my LashSynergie lash cleaning brush, available from the salon, or my webstore.

Lash extensions Aftercare Kit

Who doesn’t love a bargain? My LashSynergie Lash Aftercare Kit is available online for just £10.00. The kit includes the lash foaming shampoo, lash cleaning brush and a spare mascara wand to keep your lashes looking their very best.

Struggling with lash retention?

Have you had lash extensions in the past only to find they don’t last very long? If you struggle with lash retention, get in touch. Together, we can troubleshoot potential reasons why and I’ll give you some tips to help you prolong the life of your lashes and enjoy a flawless look for longer. Drop me a DM on Facebook to chat!

I hope this post has answered your questions about lash extensions aftercare and how to clean your lashes properly. If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.