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Beauty Trends 2017 – What Makes You Stunning!

Beauty Trends 2017 – What Makes You Stunning!

This year has been a big one for beauty, with a lot of new trends coming around which have proven to be very popular. There’s a lot available for the ladies among our readers to take advantage of, and we’re going to be looking at a few of them here.

Metallic / Chrome Nails

Something which was popular a little while ago, Metallic Nails have burst back onto the scene and become very popular. The effect works by either using metallic paints or using a system of mirror effects to create a metallic and futuristic look. It’s picked up popularity this year, perhaps as a nod to the futuristic feel, we’re getting in modern life?

The Charcoal Mask  

We’ve all seen wood burning, and then the charcoal being what remains, but no one ever thought it would have applications with regards to skin care until now. The charcoal face mask aids in removing dirt and imperfections and leaves you with clear pores and a radiant look when it’s done.  We stock a great Beauty Pro range for only £5 (3 masks in a pack)


As something which has rapidly picked up popularity over the year, dermaplaning is a revolutionary idea for creating a perfect complexion. The procedure removes the entire top layer of skin on the face, which gets rid of all of the dirt and spots and imperfections. What you’re left with is a new layer of skin which hasn’t been contaminated and altered by the world yet, and it’s fresh and radiant. It may well be an alternative treatment, but people can’t deny that this painless process works miracles when used.

Silicone Sponges

All of us ladies have beauty blenders for applying our foundation to the face, and they’ve become a standard tool in any makeup kit for years now. However, the latest trend is employing silicone sponges to be used, which work just as well and can help align with the contours of your face with more ease. As a trend, it is rapidly picking up popularity, and will probably continue into the future.

Powder Polish

This little trend is set to become the standard with manicures. It takes the metallic effect of the metallic nails, but also adds a touch of glitter and sparkle to your nails, making for a stunning effect that everyone will want to get in on.

Overall, these are just a few of the beauty trends that we’ve seen this year. There have been some breakthrough trends for skincare and nails, which is always pleasing to see, and techniques are getting bolder and bolder. There is a futuristic theme in this year’s trends, from the resurgence of the metallic nails to the employment of new tools for applying makeup in new and compelling ways. It is entirely possible that the trends for the future will continue to surge forward, looking to the future for using makeup in new ways and making it a much more efficient and effective process. Regardless of what happens, it’s always good to know that there are new and exciting beauty trends coming into popularity every year, meaning there’s always something fresh and exciting for us gals to get in on.


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