Banish unwanted hair for good with IPL & get a free treatment on me!

Banish unwanted hair for good with IPL & get a free treatment on me!


Despite being 2018, body hair, especially women’s body hair, is still treated as a taboo subject. Fact is, most of us have it, it’s perfectly natural and whether you choose to leave it where it is or get rid of it, it’s completely your choice!

Although there’s nothing embarrassing whatsoever about body hair, many people prefer a smoother, hair-free look. Today there are many methods for successful hair removal from shaving, waxing and depilatory creams to more permanent solutions like IPL – the treatment I’m going to talk you through today…

What is IPL and how does it work?

IPL stands for intense pulsed light and is a type of light therapy that can be used for various different skin treatments, including hair removal. Basically it targets the dark pigment of unwanted body hair and destroys it directly at the root in order to prevent regrowth.

To increase the chances of permanent hair removal, it is recommended that people have between 6 and 10 IPL treatments for body hair and 10-15 IPL treatments for facial hair. Some may need more than others, as it all depends on your skin and hair type.

Shaving vs waxing vs IPL

There’s no doubt that shaving is the cheapest hair removal method. It’s something you can do at home and you can shave most parts of the body. However, hair tends to grow back pretty quickly after you’ve shaved and it can come with a number of downsides like nicks, cuts and shaving rash.

Waxing is another hair removal option and is known for offering more long-lasting results than shaving. The problem is that waxing can be a little messy if you do it at home and can be uncomfortable if done incorrectly. My advice is to head to a professional beauty salon for a waxing treatment.

When it comes to long-lasting hair-free results, IPL beats shaving and waxing hands-down. Sure, it’s more expensive but in the long run it’ll save you time and effort. IPL can be used on all areas of the body and is pain-free, completely safe and clinically proven to offer a long-term reduction in unwanted hair growth.

Is IPL an option for everyone?

Everyone’s skin is different, so before IPL hair removal treatment can take place, you must have a full consultation and patch test with a qualified practitioner. The patch test will confirm that your skin is suitable for IPL and that the treatment will work effectively. You will also be told how many treatments you are likely to need in order to achieve the results you desire.


Here at Becky Laroc Beauty, we use Skinbase IPL, a system that is proven to work on almost every skin type, apart from dark toned skin. The advantage of Skinbase is that it can be fine-tuned to suit your specific skin and hair type in order to achieve the most effective results.

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