A quick guide to PMU Brows & Microblading


A quick guide to PMU Brows & Microblading

Ready to raise your brow game? You’ve certainly come to the right place! We offer bespoke semi-permanent treatments, including PMU & microblading, to give you the brows of your dreams.

Microblading vs PMU Brows

The first step is to decide whether you’re going for PMU brows or microbladed eyebrows. This is something we can discuss at your brow consultation but just for reference, here are some of the differences between the 2 brow treatments…

Differences between microblading & PMU brows

Microblading involves using a special hand tool, known as a microblading pen and medical-grade pigment to create fine, featherweight hair strokes. Whereas, PMU brows involve using a tattooing machine to add pigment to your brow area. This is why PMU brows are sometimes referred to as ‘machine brows.’

Microblading does not penetrate the skin as deeply and will, therefore, fade over time, lasting up to a total of 2 years. We recommend that our microblading clients book a top-up annually to boost their brow colour and shape.

PMU brows (including combination, ombre and powder brows) tend to last a little longer than microbladed brows but it really depends on your skin type. Again, you are likely to need a top-up colour boost to maintain your perfect brows.


Beautiful healed brows!

What are the benefits of semi-permanent brows?

  • Wake up ready without having to apply & reapply your brow makeup throughout the day
  • Go swimming & to the gym without losing your brows
  • No sweating your brows off in the hot summer months
  • Get bolder, perfectly shaped brows designed to suit your face
  • Enjoy brows that enhance your best features
  • Save money on brow makeup
  • Get the perfect colour match for natural-looking PMU brows



Who is best suited to microbladed brows?

  • Those who want natural-looking brows
  • People who want to add definition to their natural brows or fill in gaps
  • Clients with normal / dry skin

Who is best suited to PMU brows?

  • People with little-to-no brow hair
  • People with patchy brows & areas that are sparse
  • Oily skin types

Different types of PMU brow treatments

Powder / Ombre brows – This can range from a soft powdery look to a bolder & more dense brow look.

Combination brows – This is a hybrid of powder / ombre brows & microblading. Brows are shaded using a machine & hair strokes are added at the front part of the brow with a microblading pen.

How much does PMU cost?

PMU costs vary from one beauty salon to the next. Just remember, cheap brows aren’t always the best brows. It’s always worth paying a little more to have peace of mind that you’re in the hands of an experienced brow artist.


Healed Microbladed brows & colour boost


Search ‘pmu brows near me’ to find a PMU salon in your local area. Always check the reviews and see if the artist has shared any PMU and microblading before and after images on their website and social media. Look for healed pictures too. It’s so important to see the final results!

If you’re after PMU brows in Bromley, Kent then hit the Book Now button on our website.

Can blondes have PMU brows?

A common question our blonde, redhead and silver haired clients often ask: “is PMU suitable for me?” The good news is that you don’t have to be brunette to have PMU. PMU and microblading treatments are suitable for all hair colours and skin tones.

During your PMU brow consultation, we’ll simply colour match your hair and skin tone to make sure your new brow colour will blend beautifully and create a really natural look.

It’s worth keeping in mind that immediately after your microblading or PMU brow appointment the pigment colour on your brows will look quite intense. Don’t worry about your brows being too dark at this point. The colour fades out and the intensity softens over the following days and weeks as your brows are healing.

Can I have PMU / Microblading with no eyebrows?

Microblading and PMU brow treatments are safe and effective for clients who are cancer patients and have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy. They are also suitable brow treatments for anyone who has lost their hair for any reason, including alopecia.

If you have experienced hair loss for any reason and are considering tattoo brows, microblading and combination brows can provide natural-looking results. You won’t have to worry about pencilling in your brows every day, getting the arch just right or smudging your brow makeup and PMU brows can be a real confidence booster.

Can you correct bad PMU brows?

If you have previously had PMU brows or microblading done elsewhere that you are not happy with, please get in touch. We offer Li-FT® Saline Tattoo Removal in Bromley for bad PMU and microblading. A course of treatments may be required before Becky can work to correct your PMU brows.

How to choose your new PMU brows?

We ask that all of our clients undergo a full brow consultation before their microblading or PMU brow treatment in Bromley. During the consultation, Becky will look at your natural brows, discuss your dream brows and determine the best colour and shape, using her years of experience as a PMU artist.

For more information, visit our Microblading & PMU treatment page or drop us an email: hello@beckylaroc.co.uk We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have and get you booked in for a consultation.