Scalp Micropigmentation

Restore your Hairline

Here at Becky Laroc Beauty & Aesthetics we now have the very talented George working with us offering his SMP – Scalp micropigmentation services. If you’ve suffered with hair loss, receding hair lines or lack of volume George can help by adding the illusion of hair using specialist tattoo techniques.

Utilising an advance technology and medical grade pigments to best match your natural hair, George is able to deposit tiny pigments into the specific areas of the scalp.

The typical result of the SMP treatment is the look of a shaved head, offering a classic ‘buzz cut’ that is natural in its appearance. Whether you are suffering from total hair loss, a receding hairline or balding of the crown, George will be able to offer a style of SMP to suit your needs. If your hair is thinning, we are able to treat clients regardless of gender by increasing the appearance of the hair density.

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How the process works

At your appointment a full consultation will take place to ensure this is the best treatment for you.

Once you have decided SMP is right for you the appointments are split across 3 sessions.

Stage 1 –

Treatment time 2 – 3 hours

Minimum 7 days between 1st – 2nd Treatment

  • Hair line design, structure
  • Skin test & colour/shade match
  • Low density SMP blend

Stage 2 –

Treatment time 2-3 hours

Minimum 14 days  between 2nd – 3rd sessions.

  • Check pigment match for fading and adjust
  • Structure correction (if required)
  • High density and mid SMP blend

Stage 3 –

Treatment time approx 2 hours

Add the final touches for perfection

  • Low density run through and low SMP blend
  • Post-care plan

Who can’t have this treatment?

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Diabetes (Medicated)
  • Permanent use of blood thinning medication


  • Keep your scalp dry for 3 days
  • Moisturise your scalp during the healing stage (After 3 days)
  • Avoid excessive sweating post SMP for 4 days
  • Give your scalp a good wash with warm soapy water (After 4 or 5 days) Avoid any strong chemicals such as anti dandruff or any hair growth products for a few days
  • Avoid cutting your hair post SMP for 5 days including wet shaving!
  • Avoid sunbathing, sun exposure and extreme heat hot tubs/saunas and swimming pools  for 30 days post treatment. (The high chlorine level could possibly affect the colour)

Frequently Asked Questions?

What does the treatment entail?

Please see details given above.

How long is the appointment?

For your first session it will take 2-3 hours, second session will take 2-3hrs and the final perfecting session will take approx 2hrs.

What results can I expect?

A renewed hairline – confidence and self esteem and hopefully many compliments! 

Does it hurt?

Some mild discomfort may occur during treatment application due to the nature of this treatment. 

Some areas are more sensitive than others including closest to the forehead and the back of the ears.

Is there any downtime?

There may be redness and mild swelling that could last 3-5 days. You can take over-the-counter painkillers.

How many treatments will I need?

In most cases 3 treatments are required but in some cases 4 may be required.

Follow on appointments would be after approx 3 – 4 years.


  • After your consultation we will give you a price – it varies depending on the needs of each individual but will vary from £450 – £2000.

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