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Great skin is a process and it takes time. Our range of memberships allow you to stay focused and on track to brighter, clearer more youthful looking skin.

Memberships are great for a number of reasons – After your full consultation, you’ll get a personalised treatment plan.

This will include the treatments and products required to get you closer to that skin you want.

Membership pricing is very competitive from £60pcm and is taken on a day that suits you each month.

Throughout your skincare membership you’ll have regular consults either via Skype or in person to ensure we are both on the same page and happy with the current plan and results that are being achieved.

Each membership consists of conditioning treatments and the more advanced treatments are in the latter memberships.

Conditioning treatments are great for preparing and hydrating the skin for advanced treatments or for getting it into top condition.

Your preparation sessions are often completed in short succession (fortnightly) to increase cellular turnover. The advanced treatments will then help deliver longer lasting results, retexturing and smoothing your skin.

Advanced treatments can include, Resurfacers, Chemical Peels, IPL and Microneedling.

So, what’s included in the memberships?

Skincare Level 1 £64pcm*

  • ARK Express Facial x 4
  • ARK 1hr Facial x 4
  • Dermaplaning x 5
  • Skincare Starter Kit x 1

Skincare Level 2 £89pcm*

  • ARK 1hr Facial x 3
  • Dermaplaning x 4
  • Resurfacers x 6
  • Skincare Starter Kit x 1
  • B5 Hydrating Serum x 1 & Cleanser x 1 at month 4

Skincare Level 3 £108pcm*

  • Dermaplaning  x 2
  • Resurfacers x 5
  • IPL Advanced Skin x 4
  • Hydrating Facial x 2
  • Skincare Starter Kit x 1
  • B5 Hydrating Serum x 1 & Cleanser x 1 at month 4

Skincare Level 4 £120pcm*

  • Dermaplaning x 5
  • Resurfacers x 4
  • Illumi Facial x 4 or Microneedling x 4
  • Skincare Starter Kit x 1
  • B5 Hydrating Serum x 1 & Cleanser x 1 at month 4

The MINT Beauty Club £60pcm

  • Dermaplaning or 1hr ARK Facial every month
  • 10% off all beauty treatments
  • 12.5% off all products
  • 25% off all IPL treatments

*Skincare Plan payments are taken monthly for 11 months. If you decide to stop your plan at any point 30 days written notice must be received by post or email. Your treatments and products will then be totalled at current pricing and you will be liable for any underpayment.


The MINT Beauty Club is a rollover – you are tied in for the first 3 months and then it just continues month to month until you notify us otherwise.

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  • Personalised Treatment Plans
  • Regular Skin Reviews (Skincare Plans)
  • Extra Special Birthday Gift (MINT Beauty Club)
  • Payments spread monthly on a date to suit you!
  • Skincare products included

So what are you waiting for?

Memberships – The new way to take care of your skin!

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